Our concept is to provide you the maximum benefit of your investment. To do this, we focus on three primary considerations, QualityService and Price.


  • Dentron does extensive research to assure customers the best possible products available at any price
  • Recognizing the economy of quality, Dentron utilizes this concept to reduce warranty and servicing costs


  • All Dentron Systems are designed with Zero downtime in mind. Speedy service and onsite replacement workstations ensure computer problems are quickly and effortlessly resolved at minimal expense
  • Advanced planning is the key to system reliability. Dentron goes to considerable lengths to ensure that no matter what happens, your system is up and running
  • Having served Dental professionals for more than 15 years, Dentron understands the importance of system reliability


  • Dentron employs the most efficient production methods available to reduce cost and improve quality
  • Eliminating excess overhead and expense enables Dentron to sell for less
  • Dentron negotiates the lowest possible prices with vendors then passes the savings on to you

Rarely will you find the Highest Quality with the Best Service for the Lowest Price.

With Dentron, you can have them all.