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Dentron Intraoral Scanner by Runyes

Accurate, digital impression scans

The Full Color, Powderless Intraoral Scanner

The Dentron Intraoral Scanner is powderless and offers full color digital scans. It is equipped with the latest technology of the new generation of intraoral scanners. It is compatible with any CAD/CAM software which accepts PLY and STL (the standard across the industry) files.  Tested by independent labs, it’s accuracy and performance is comparable to other leading scanners but at a fraction of the cost!

Price includes Scanner & Software Only. Ask about optional laptop or computer cart configuration.
Installation and in office training available. Ask for more details.

Technical Specifications

  • Scanner Size: 240 x 49.5 x 30.5mm
  • Scanner Weight: 210g
  • Distance: 0-17mm
  • Accuracy: 20um
  • Imaging Mode: Synchronous 3D Video
  • Quick Reset: Yes
  • Model Optimization: Yes

Why Buy From Dentron Systems?

We leverage our great relationships with the manufacturer to buy direct and pass the savings on to you!