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PreXion Explorer

The powerful system components of the PreXion3D EXPLORER enable an extraordinary combination of the most precise 3D imaging, large image detail, low radiation exposure, reliable diagnostics and digital planning for all indications in modern dentistry, including periodontology, endodontics, implantology, orthodontics and maxillofacial surgery, among many others. Its patient management system is designed for secure and networked communication of patient data across multiple rooms within a practice and can be integrated into the existing infrastructure with ease.

The PreXion 3D Explorer PRO is poised to revolutionize dental imaging with its unmatched clarity and boundless capabilities.

Key Features:
– Innovative built-in ceph arm design freeing over 2 feet of space
– 0.3×0.3mm focal spot – the smallest in the industry
– Multiple fields of view (FOV) ranging from 5×5 to 15×16.
– Low dose, HD and endo CT modes with scan times of 20 seconds or lower
– 14-second pano and 16-second ceph scan times