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Dentron Uni-Ray

The Dentron 1.5 dental sensor is a NEW sleek direct USB perfect size dental sensor that accommodates both adults and children. The 1.5 inch digital dental sensor offers a universal, one size fits all dental sensor that is a true affordable alternative compared to other high end dental sensors. The Dentron 1.5 digital dental sensor allows for quick FMX exams without switching out your digital dental sensors to accommodate small children, teenagers, or adults! The Dentron 1.5 sensor gives you pristine image quality at an affordable price.

2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty included.

Warranty On Our Digital Sensors

The Dentron Uni-Ray 1.5 sensor has a 2 year manufacturers warranty.

Why Buy From Dentron Systems?

We leverage our great relationships with the manufacturer to buy direct and pass the savings on to you!

  • CMOS technology with scintillator
  • 2 Sensor Sizes (#1 & #2)
  • 4096 grayscale levels (12-bit image)
  • Direct USB Connection
  • No Data Box
  • No external power connection
  • Built in USB 2.0 Interface
  • Plug and Play functionality
  • Two sensors may be operated at the same time
  • Image transfer and control via computer system
  • Multi-Length sensor cables available
  • 12 bit image digitalization
  • 16 bit uncompressed image file
  • Well-defined software interface standard or 2×2 binned imaging modes
  • Intelligent Auto Trigger
  • Theoretical Resolution of 26.3lp/mm
  • Real Resolution of >20.00lp/mm or 0.05mm image detail
  • Signal to noise ratio: 40 dB
  • Scintillator: CSI depositing on fiber-less substrate
  • 2 Year Warranty & 7 Year Replacement Plan
  • CMOS chip material
  • Leading Image Quality
  • Rounded Corners for Patient Comfort
  • Replaceable sensor cord
  • Supports MAC: No
  • Bridges to major software: Yes
  • Recommended Exposure: 65KVP, 0.08msec
  • Direct or Indirect: Direct
  • Sensor Chip Material: CMOS
  • Sensor Resolution (lp/mm): 26.3
  • Sensor attachment to base: Direct
  • Sensor Connection: USB
  • Time from exposure to image: ~3-5 seconds
  • Image Size: 3MB – 5MB
  • DICOM compliant: Yes